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Anal creampie workout for Hot Thai on Fitness Rooms
October 16, 2017
The gym is quiet today, but that doesn't stop Jureka Del Mar and Michael from chasing their pump. Jureka works her tricep kickbacks in a hot pink-thonged leotard that makes it rather difficult for Michael to concentrate on his bicep curls. As Jureka counts the seconds in between sets, watching Michael's dumbbell military pressing makes her thirsty, so she decides to cool off by pouring the contents of her water bottle on her perky tits. Abandoning all pretense, the two hardbodies throw away the weights and start to work out with each other instead. Michael helps Jureka with her pectoral soreness by sucking on her nipples, then Jureka works her jaw muscles by giving him a sloppy blowjob. Michael then moves her Jureka's glutes, eating her ass, then sticking his hard cock in. "Best squat ever!" exclaims Jureka, as Michael gives her an anal creampie.

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