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Hula Hoop Hotties Get Sex Physical on Fitness Rooms
Lady Dee can hula hoop like a pro, but her friend Katana doesn't have the hip movements down. Today at the Sexyhub Gym, Lady tries to teach Katana how to gyrate her hips just so, even stepping in behind her for a two-girl hoop attempt, but being so close, the lovely Asians catch the scent of each other's perfume, and start admiring each other's bodies. Pulling their shirts off, they engage in a little nipple play before they begin to kiss, groping at each other's perky tits, and pert gym-perfected asses. After fingering Katana to an orgasm, Lady rides her pretty friend's face, kicking off a sweaty post-workout session that leaves both pairs of underwear and all the gym mats dripping with cum.

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