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Yoga lesbian centipede pussy eating on Fitness Rooms
September 17, 2018
Come try some naked yoga with Alexis Crystal, Arian Joy, and Aislin! Wearing nothing but white panties, the three ladies engage in a variety of poses, stretching, breathing, and finding some center. Sitting in the Lotus Position, they continue to breathe, then lean on their stomachs to get into the Cobra Pose. Behind Alexis's back, Arian and Aislin sneak some cheeky kisses, but soon enough they get caught. Alexis isn't mad at her peers for kissing...she wants to be involved! Aislin and Arian suck Alexis's tits, then Aislin eats her tight pussy. Alexis, Arian, and Aislin all go on to form and pleasure each other in a lesbian centipede of pussy eating, and make sure each woman gets to cum!

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