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Horny Lesbians Have Sweaty Gym Sex on Fitness Rooms
Coco De Mal
Fitness Trainer Talia Mint always looks her hottest for her sexy clients, and each time she is scheduled to stretch out dancer Coco de Mal's curvy figure, she finds her mind drifting to naughty places. Today, the dark-haired Serbian beauty arrives wearing new shorts that showcase her amazing ass and hips. Using her hands to lead Coco through a series of leg and glute exercises, Talia tries her best to keep her mind on her work, but when helping stretch out Coco's legs, she falls into the hot client's arms! As if meant to be, the lovely gym babes lock lips, falling into a sensual makeout session right on the Sexyhub Gym floor! Pulling off Coco's shorts, Talia runs her tongue along Coco's pussy, then fingers her to a sweaty orgasm. After her orgasm, Coco positions Talia in doggystyle position to lick her ass and finger her pussy. Finally, wanting to cum as a team, the lovely lesbians enjoy a scintillating scissoring session.

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