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Gym babes fight over trainer dick on Fitness Rooms
April 11, 2019
Fit babes Freya Dee and Jennifer Amilton both have crushes on their trainer, Jason X, so they decide to sign up for a Fitness Rooms session to seduce him. The workout begins with some stretching, then Jason directs them to barbel squats. As Jason informs the ladies the workout will be great for their sex life, they get turned on, and start grinding on his cock. Jason lays down some yoga mats, then tells the ladies to hit some glute bridges for reps. As they bridge, Freya cheekily unhooks her bodysuit so Jason can see her pussy, and he starts eating her out. Jealous, Jennifer climbs on top of Freya backwards and strips too, so Jason can eat her pussy and ass. The ladies take turns sucking and fucking Jason's dick and riding his face, then as Jennifer takes the dick doggystyle, Jason pulls out and cums in Freya's mouth!

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