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Squirting orgasm for teen Yoga babe on Fitness Rooms
January 15, 2018
Always ready to try something knew, Steve found a flyer for a yoga class with a lovely instructor by the name of Lovita Fate. Steve arrives early, so he lets himself into the space. On the mirror is a pink and black swimsuit that catches his attention, one that probably covered Lovita's perky tits. Steve puts it on, but embarrassingly, Lovita picks that exact moment to show up! Lovita doesn't mind Steve wearing her suit: his thick cock hangs out of it, and Lovita quivers with anticipation. She has the stud lay back and close his eyes, then gives him a sensual blowjob. Turned on, Steve makes Lovita squirt, eats her pussy and ass, and then fucks her until he cums all over her!

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