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Big tits Brazilian and French MILF on Fitness Rooms
November 20, 2017
Fitness Rooms trainer Anissa Kate is getting her leg workout in when she notices a novice named Miyuki Son struggling with bicep curls. A true professional, Anissa offers the rookie her services, and Miyuki thankfully accepts. Anissa suggests a heavier weight for the lean Miyuki, then shows her some more movements such as the military press for shoulders, and some incline flyes for the boobs! Anissa is fascinated with the Brazilian babes boobs, and asks if she can touch. Miyuki, shy but agreeable, nods her approval, feeling her pulse quicken as the French MILF feels her nipples. Anissa sucks Miyuki's pierced tits, then starts to rub her tight pussy. The two make out and pleasure each other from head to wonderful ass, and after some face-sitting and mutual masturbation, the ladies end in glorious orgasm!

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