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Wrestling lesson for British blonde on Fitness Rooms
November 13, 2017
Max has been training Fitness Rooms client Barbie Sins for a while, and decides to switch up their fitness routine. One of the most intense ways to shock the muscular system is through some old fashioned wrestling. Max shows Barbie some holds, including the Guard position and the Kimura armlock. Feeling the strength flow through her muscles, Barbie realizes how much training with Max is paying off. The two scuffle a bit as Max tickles the blonde UK babe and they roll on the mats until they end up in a 69 position. Max tastes the MILF's pussy, and Barbie puts a liplock on his hard cock. Pulling out her big fake tits, Barbie goes hard on Max's cock, bouncing up and down with the fervor of the pump. Max fucks Barbie missionary and rubs her clit, making her cum, and after a standing 69, Max cums all over Barbie's big booty!

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