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Interracial lesbians get a sweat on on Fitness Rooms
September 18, 2017
Lesbian lovers Jai James and Katana are getting sweaty together in the Fitness Room. The babes struggle through their final set of sit-ups, and when it comes to their last few push-ups, Katana just can't continue. Instead, the Asian minx moves behind Jai, watching the ebony stunner's big booty rise and fall as she finishes pumping her pecs. Though the two lesbians start to stretch, they aren't able to cool-down: all the endorphins of the work out have made them way too horny! Jai and Katana decide to keep their sweat session going and kiss passionately. Lying back invitingly, Jai beckons Katana towards her spread thighs, and Katana all-too-happily begins to lick Jai's pussy. As Ms. James plays with her huge tits, Katana works her to sensual orgasm. Quivering, Jai moves behind Katana and, using her fingers and tongue, gives her lover's pussy a workout way more intense than any calisthenics!

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