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Intense pussy licking Euro chicks on Fitness Rooms
August 20, 2018
Personal trainer Lyen Parker doesn't appreciate walking into her gym and seeing her client Sybil Kailena goofing off! Lyen takes fitness very seriously, and the strict trainer brings Sybil to the bike so she can get to sweating. After a warm up, Sybil performs some kettlebell squats to build her booty, then some bicep curls to tone her arms. While curling, Sybil complains to Lyen about her boyfriend, and how she's tired of his nonsense. Dropping to glute bridge, Sybil thrusts as Lyen asks her why she doesn't try girls. Before Sybil can answer, Lyen drops her leotard and shows Sybil her small boobs, then spreads her client's legs and eats her pussy! The ladies take turns playing with each other, with some doggystyle fingering, some face sitting, and multiple orgasms, then walk off together to hit the showers.

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