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Booty Shaking Threesome in the Gym on Fitness Rooms
Cristal Caitlin
Booty-toning class is always a challenge at the Sexyhub Gym but it's no sweat for talented twerkers Luna Corazon and Inna Innaki! In fact, instructor Cristal Caitlin is shocked to see those experienced booty shakers show off their jiggle! When leading them through some floor exercises, Cristal sees that Inna is not paying attention, and tells the beauty Greek dancer to watch her ass for instruction. Luna and Inna move in to get an up-close look at the lovely blonde's perky tush as it moves with the exercises, then Cristal's clients reveal their true intentions. Ebony Luna propositions the fitness instructor to join her and Inna in a steamy interracial lesbian threesome--right there on the gym room floor--where they can all sweat it out for real!

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