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Fitness Trainer Talia Mint always looks her hottest for her sexy clients, and each time she is scheduled to stretch out dancer Coco de Mal's curvy figure, she finds her mind drifting to naughty places. Today, the dark-haired Serbian beauty arrives wearing new shorts that showcase her amazing ass and hips. Using her hands to lead Coco through a series of leg and glute exercises, Talia tries her best to keep her mind on her work, but when helping stretch out Coco's legs, she falls into the hot client's arms! As if meant to be, the lovely gym babes lock lips, falling into a sensual makeout session right on the Sexyhub Gym floor! Pulling off Coco's shorts, Talia runs her tongue along Coco's pussy, then fingers her to a sweaty orgasm. After her orgasm, Coco positions Talia in doggystyle position to lick her ass and finger her pussy. Finally, wanting to cum as a team, the lovely lesbians enjoy a scintillating scissoring session. more+
After a hardcore workout, Max invites beauty brunette Lucia and hot blonde Sasha to stay behind and work on some other muscles, namely glutes, and cock! Those perky asses have taken hours of squats and sweat to perfect, so they should be put to good use. See how they pop out when Lucia and Sasha are pleasuring Max with a two-girl blowjob? Perfection. But Max's muscle gets the hardest workout of all. Having to withstand all that ball licking. Watching Lucia's tongue flick at Sasha's nipples, then her fingers bringing Sasha's tight little pussy to orgasm. But Max is a hardcore fitness freak who likes to push himself as hard as possible. Even after all that work in class, he can handle Sasha riding his thick cock while Lucia rides his face. And like everyone knows, orgasm is the best way to cool down after pushing it at the gym, especially if you like the site of your cum dripping off the lips of a hot gym chick! more+
It's Ricky's job to motivate the lovely ladies at the Sexyhub Gym while weight training, but every now and then, he gets a naughty motivation of his own. Today, he's tasked with helping lovely blonde Russian Afina Kisser pump up her already-perfect ass, and the sight of her squatting in her tight purple shorts is making his cock stand up straight. He persists, working Afina out until sweat is running down over her strong thighs, but when they stop for a break, the tall model begs him for a break, saying she can't take any more. In the hopes of enticing him to relieve her, Afina kisses Ricky, then bends down to take his big cock in her mouth. And at the risk of his job, Ricky fucks the horny gym babe all over the studio, giving her a full orgasmic workout, and getting one for himself as well! more+
Sexyhub Gym newcomer Mia Lee is pretty much perfect, but she's aiming for flawless! Now that the fresh-faced brunette has signed on for fitness classes, she can take advantage of some free training from Fitness Rooms expert Blanche, who will take the curvy Russian babe through a series of sweat-inducing workouts. Of course, it's a little hard to concentrate on working out when Blanche's amazing tits are jiggling in your field of vision, so young Mia finds herself getting horny. When they find themselves face to face, Mia lets the older blonde kiss her and run her hands down over her perky tits to find her pussy. Blanche teaches the first-time lesbian all about tribbing and fingering, then sits on her face to have Mia eat her pussy. Once she's come, Blanche covers Mia in kisses, hoping she'll return soon for another private session. more+
Angelo is accustomed to having lovely women in his private yoga sessions, but none have enticed him like stunning, leggy Clea Gaultier. When the former ballerina seeks him out for a lesson, Angelo is struck by the French beauty's lithe body and soft eyes. But as they move through the poses, and Clea showcases her incredible flexibility with stretches and splits, Angelo finds his cock is stiffening. After he puts his lips on her shoulder, he leans in to kiss the darling European, then helps remove her shirt to play with her perky tits. After warming up the lovely model with some expert pussy licking, he makes love her in true yoga style: slowly, presently, and with intense focus! more+
After a grueling workout of lunges and squats in their tightest and tiniest spandex, buxom besties Barbara and Blanche are more than ready to spot each other doing something other than lifting weights. As buff brunette Barbara moves through her post-workout splits, her stunning blonde workout partner offers her a drink of cool water, tipping the bottle so it trickles over her pierced tongue and onto her impressive cleavage, and finally soaking her tight white workout shorts. Barbara reaches in to liberate Blanche's massive tits, slowly sucking on each nipple before peeling off her clothes to eat her pussy. Blanch returns the favor by finger banging Barbara's tight pussy, giving her an intense but healing orgasm that floods her muscles with relief. It's all in a day's work for these lovely lesbians, who know that no-pain-no-gain is not always the best motto for staying fit! more+
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