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Fit-thick babe Vanessa Decker has hit a plateau in her fitness journey, so she hires Fitness Rooms personal trainer Lady Dee to get her to the next level. The pair begin their training with some stretching to warm their muscles up for the workout to come. Lady starts Vanessa off with some squats for two reasons: one, you always begin with the largest muscle group and two, because she can check out her client's amazing ass! After pumping her thighs, Vanessa moves on to bicep curls. The sight of the brunette's pump gets Lady's blood rushing, so under the guise of helping Vanessa lift, she cops a quick feel of her client's big tits. With adrenaline and emotion running high, Lady and Vanessa make out passionately before emptying the contents of their water bottles on one another. With both babes soaking wet, they use they freshly worked muscles on each other as the dopamine and serotonin flows! more+
Lesbian lovers Jai James and Katana are getting sweaty together in the Fitness Room. The babes struggle through their final set of sit-ups, and when it comes to their last few push-ups, Katana just can't continue. Instead, the Asian minx moves behind Jai, watching the ebony stunner's big booty rise and fall as she finishes pumping her pecs. Though the two lesbians start to stretch, they aren't able to cool-down: all the endorphins of the work out have made them way too horny! Jai and Katana decide to keep their sweat session going and kiss passionately. Lying back invitingly, Jai beckons Katana towards her spread thighs, and Katana all-too-happily begins to lick Jai's pussy. As Ms. James plays with her huge tits, Katana works her to sensual orgasm. Quivering, Jai moves behind Katana and, using her fingers and tongue, gives her lover's pussy a workout way more intense than any calisthenics! more+
Sexy lesbians Valentina Bianco and Victoria Pure are ready to get their pump on, but Victoria can only think about how much she wants to get her hump on! Lutro is working the front desk of the fitness center, and the pervert is jerking off when they walk in. Lutro already knows Victoria and lets her right past, but Valentina has to sign in. While the beautiful Italian is filling out forms, Victoria is behind her, showing Lutro what she wants him to do to her tits, then bouncing Valentina's ass up and down for good measure! Valentina might want to work on her curls in the fitness room, but one look at the security camera is enough for an exhibitionist like Victoria to get turned on. Watching the screen, Lutro can't help but rush upstairs to get his cock sucked, his asshole licked, and to fuck two tight pussies! more+
Isabella is looking to push her fitness game to the next level, so she hires spectacular trainer Lady Dee to get her rear in gear! From the minute the two firm-bodied femmes see each other, the attraction is apparent. The sweaty room and skimpy outfits don't help their desire to tear each other's clothes off, but they bashfully decide to get the workout going first. After a few sets of squats, both women are sweaty and need a water break. When things start to get silly, they soak each other with the contents of their bottles, and as the water flies away so do their inhibitions. Exposing her tits, Isabella pulls Lady's head into her chest to get her nipples sucked, then penetrates her pussy deeply with her tongue. Both lesbians are all wet from the water fight, but before long they're way more wet from being turned on! more+
Studious nerd Morgan Rodriguez is consulting her notes on the front steps of Athletic University when sexy cheerleader Katy Pearl opens the door. Seeing the blonde nerd studying turns Katy on, so she offers Morgan a chance to put on one of the cheer squad's outfits. Morgan is shy, but Katy insists, and soon they are in the fitness room. Katy strips Morgan of her conservative skirt and blouse, admiring the blonde's great ass and perky tits in the process. When Morgan puts on the skimpy cheer outfit she has to admit, it does make her feel sexy. The two start to kiss, Katy eats Morgan's pussy, and then Katy rides Morgan's face! In their throes of pleasure they don't hear football jock Max approach, nor do they notice when he pulls out his cock and starts to stroke, but when they finally see the head of the team fully erect they invite him for a filthy threesome that proves college are the best years of our lives. more+
When girlfriends Therese and Vicky want to increase their energy and vitality, a naked yoga and meditation session is exactly what they need. As they move in unison through their yoga routine, arching their backs and spreading their legs in bridge pose, the BFFs start to feel the sensual and sexual power coursing through their bodies. Perfectly in sync, the two babes meditate facing each other and can't stop their fingers from intertwining as they feel the same need to touch each other and release some of this pent-up sexual kundalini energy! A slow kiss leads to a sensual and meditative sex session as the two lovers massage and lick each other's breasts, then turn their focus on their root chakras by slowly tasting and fingering each other's pussies until they cum! more+
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