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Lesbian lovers Stacy Cruz and Emylia Argan are working out together with elastic bands. The ladies begin with some isometric stretching, then move on to standing rows. Stacy spots Emylia while she does bicep curls, and reaches around to play with her lover's boobs. Sliding a hand into Emylia's pants, Stacy rubs her pussy, prompting Emylia to strip her naked! As the ladies are about to take things to the next level, Dominic Anna comes into the room, and though taken aback, decides to join in for a sexy menage a trois! more+
Working out together in the Fitness Rooms, it doesn't take long for Jenifer Jane and Tindra Frost to get turned on. Doing some Superman style ab work on the balls, Jenifer tries to help Tindra with her technique, then offers to demonstrate sit ups with the ball held between her feet. Unbuttoning her bodysuit, Jenifer shows her pussy off to Tindra, who is so turned on that she starts to lick it. Tindra tongue fucks Jenifer's tight pussy while the latter plays with her tits, then both ladies burn plenty of calories in this super fun fuck fest! more+
Baby Nicols and Canela Skin have signed up for personal sessions with Fitness Rooms trainer Nick Ross, but when they start their class, they don't realize how personal they're about to get! When Baby sees Nick put a hand on Canela's big booty to help her with her stretches she gets jealous, so when it comes time to do glute bridges, Baby puts Nick's hand on her Latina pussy. This act turns Canela on, so both ladies seduce their trainer with their big tits, big asses, and blowjob skills! more+
Max Dyor is warming up with some light ab work on a ball when he notices Katie Dee riding the exercise bike fully nude! Falling over himself at the sight of her bouncing booty and tight pussy, Max walks over and introduces himself. Katie tells him it's naked day at the gym, and Max quickly strips to follow suit. Katie goes to do squats and Max follows, rubbing his long cock against her ass. In response, Katie grabs Max's dick aggressively, then drops to her knees and gives him a blowjob! The two athletes fuck hard across the Fitness Rooms until Max cums on Katie's ass! more+
It's time for another sweat dripping edition of the Fitness Rooms, this time starring Emylia Argan and Baby Nichols! Emylia and Baby decide to go outside to start their workout, and bringing some dumbbells with them, walk among the leaves doing weight lunges. Back inside, the ladies peel off their shorts and panties and enjoy their booty gains, then the horny babes make out! Sucking Baby's nipples, Emylia then holds a bridge so they can 69. After an athletic fuck session, both ladies cum hard! more+
Erik Everhard and Jasmine Webb team up to demonstrate the Ass Blaster 5000, a brand new workout system designed to sculpt the glutes, shape the core, and improve sexual performance! Jasmine begins the workout by chiseling her ass with some kettlebell squats, then gets pumped doggystyle by Erik Everhard! By bouncing her big booty up and down on Erik's hard cock, Jasmine increases her squat stamina, then the pair finish the workout with some skin care when Erik cums on Jasmine's big tits! more+
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