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Personal trainer Angelo has finished training his favorite blonde French client, Angel Emily, and is putting her through a stretching routine to finish their session. Standing so close to Angelo she can feel his warm breath on her neck, Angel bends forward and sticks out her butt, pushing her booty onto Angelo's stiffening cock. In an attempt to remain professional, Angelo leaves the room, so Angel decides to do some biking. Mounting the stationary bicycle, Angel notices a dildo in the room, so she puts it on the seat and sticks it into her pussy! Coming back to the doorway, Angelo sees what's going on and can't help but stroke his cock, and, noticing the stud, Angel Emily invites Angelo in for a sexy cardio session inside her warm wetness! more+
Veronica Leal is about to start her workout in the Fitness Rooms when she spots handyman Max Dyor servicing one of the workout benches. Max is just her type, strong, virile, and good with his hands. Grabbing a pair of dumbbells, Veronica squats low and starts doing bicep curls, a movement not designed to strengthen her body, but to harden Max's cock. When Max asks Veronica for help, she knows she has her in. Veronica bends over the bench, and Max can't help but grab a handful of booty. The handyman notes Veronica seems strong, then she grabs his dick and tells him the same! The couple fuck hard, Veronica squirts all over the workout bench, then Max cums deep inside of her with a creampie! more+
Friends who workout together stay together, and Barbara Bieber and Darcia Lee have been friends for a while now! Barbara helps Darcia with some incline bench press to work her chest, but the workout has barely begun before they're making out and rubbing pussies. As the girls start to get busy, Max Dyor happens to pass by the Fitness Rooms and starts to wank his cock at the sexy sight. Inviting Max to join their sweat session, the ladies take turns taking his dick doggystyle while playing with the other woman's pussy. After each of them gets their fill of Max's main muscle, they give him a blowjob sandwich that ends in a double facial! more+
Fitness Rooms trainer Francys Belle has got Morgan Rodriguez and Vanessa Decker in her class today, and it's time to get those boobies and booties ready for summer! The ladies start with some standing dumbbell curls, then progress to bodyweight squats. Pulling their shorts up, Francys affords herself a prime view of their big butts dropping to the floor, then directs her pupils to perform alternating leg lunges. When Vanessa and Morgan are warmed up, Francys pours oil on their big asses, then busts out a double-headed dildo which they use to fuck each other. Morgan rips open her coach's tights and then the ladies all take turns making each other cum! more+
Thomas is in the gym warming up with some light weight dumbbell incline presses when he notices Lilu Moon walk into the Fitness Rooms to start her workout. Lilu starts to stretch, and as she bends her hips she can feel Thomas' eyes glued to her booty! Thomas decides to woo Lilu with a primal strategy, grabbing heavier weights to do some concentration curls and get his face closer to the babe's body! Lilu rolls her eyes at this biceps and triceps, so Thomas has another idea...whip out his cock! Impressed by that muscle, Lilu crawls over and gives Thomas a blowjob, then lets him fuck her and make her squirt on the bench before wanking him off into her mouth! more+
Blonde American babe Lindsey Cruz is working on her booty gains in the Fitness Rooms when Michael notices her from the doorway. Distracted by her squat/tricep extension supersets, Lindsey does not notice Michael sneaking up behind her, nor does she notice when he gets closer to drink in the olfactory bliss of Lindsey's hard working pussy. Unable to resist the booty, Michael grabs it, then runs for the door leaving Lindsey confused. Sneaking once more under Lindsey as she continues her squats, Michael takes out his hard cock and starts to wank himself, at which point Lindsey notices the man beneath her. Turned on, Lindsey gives Michael a blowjob, which leads to a sloppy standing 69 and a creampie! more+
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