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Fitness Blogger Marica Chanelle's world tour has taken her to the Czech Republic, where she makes a stop in the Fitness Rooms to train with a nymph named Freya Dee! Posing for the camera, Freya demonstrates some stretching and some squats, then Marica wraps up the shot. That's when her camera man makes a suggestion to Marica: Freya looks like she wants to fuck! Marica walks over to the slim brunette and seduces her, and before long, has her hand on her pussy. Turned on, Freya kisses Marica, and then ladies worship each other's boobs. Stripping each other naked, the lesbians take turns eating each other out, then enjoy some sexy titty-worshiping tribbing! more+
Sexy ladies Cristal Caitlin and Lina Mercury are lifting together in the Fitness Room, and as adrenaline rises, so does horniness! The ladies perform some sets of squats, then Lina gets on all fours for more booty work. As Cristal watched Lina move, she gets turned on, and pulls Lina's shorts to the side so she can finger and rim her ass. Suddenly, Tomas enters the room, so the ladies hastily go back to working out. It doesn't take long for Tomas to notice the buttplug sticking out from Lina's shorts, and turned on, he allows the ladies to seduce him! The fit threesome fucks in all sorts of athletic positions, and Tomas fucks their pussies and asses until everyone cums together! more+
Fit babes Freya Dee and Jennifer Amilton both have crushes on their trainer, Jason X, so they decide to sign up for a Fitness Rooms session to seduce him. The workout begins with some stretching, then Jason directs them to barbel squats. As Jason informs the ladies the workout will be great for their sex life, they get turned on, and start grinding on his cock. Jason lays down some yoga mats, then tells the ladies to hit some glute bridges for reps. As they bridge, Freya cheekily unhooks her bodysuit so Jason can see her pussy, and he starts eating her out. Jealous, Jennifer climbs on top of Freya backwards and strips too, so Jason can eat her pussy and ass. The ladies take turns sucking and fucking Jason's dick and riding his face, then as Jennifer takes the dick doggystyle, Jason pulls out and cums in Freya's mouth! more+
Sexy nubile lesbians Elina de Lion and Katy Rose are doing some naked yoga together in the Fitness Rooms, then get their pump on with some kettlebell squats. After their workout, the ladies begin to stretch, and then once that's finished, they make out! After some delicious pussy eating, Marry Morrgan comes in to use the workout bike. Sensing an opportunity, Elina and Katy seduce the big boobed brunette, and the ladies enjoy a face-sitting, pussy-eating lesbian threesome! more+
Hayli Sanders and Marry Morgan are working out together in the fitness rooms, but keep getting sidetracked checking each other out! Hayli hula hoops while Marry squats, and while they're working out, Hayli notices a big, red dildo sticking out of Marry's bag. Embarrassed, Marry snatches the dildo back, and runs off to the showers. In the showers, Marry soaps up her big tits, and as she gets turned on, Hayli joins her. The ladies start to make out, then Hayli fingers Marry to orgasm. Marry then drops to her knees and tongue-fucks Hayli's shaved pussy. Hayli fucks Marry with the dildo, and then the lesbians use the shower head to make each other cum! more+
Nick is pumping out some bicep curls in the Fitness Rooms and looking at nudes of pornstar Lovita Fate when, by chance, Lovita walks into the room in the company of her girlfriend Mia Casanova! Nick can't believe his luck, but in his shyness, finishes his workout, and leaves to hit the showers. While he rinses off his sweat, Nick daydreams about Lovita's beautiful boobs and Mia's round ass, and starts to jerk off. Lovita and Mia follow Nick to the shower and spy on him a bit, then walk over and seduce him into a threesome! Both women take turns sucking and fucking Nick's big dick, then he cums on both of their pink pussies. more+
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