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Max has been training Fitness Rooms client Barbie Sins for a while, and decides to switch up their fitness routine. One of the most intense ways to shock the muscular system is through some old fashioned wrestling. Max shows Barbie some holds, including the Guard position and the Kimura armlock. Feeling the strength flow through her muscles, Barbie realizes how much training with Max is paying off. The two scuffle a bit as Max tickles the blonde UK babe and they roll on the mats until they end up in a 69 position. Max tastes the MILF's pussy, and Barbie puts a liplock on his hard cock. Pulling out her big fake tits, Barbie goes hard on Max's cock, bouncing up and down with the fervor of the pump. Max fucks Barbie missionary and rubs her clit, making her cum, and after a standing 69, Max cums all over Barbie's big booty! more+
PussyKat is up in the gym working on her fitness with premier instructor Isabella Chrystin, and things are getting hot and sweaty! It's leg day for PussyKat, so Isabella starts her off with a compound movement, the straight-legged deadlift. Next on the workout list are squats, and Isabella takes the opportunity to sneak some cheeky peeks as PussyKat's big ass. PussyKat makes her way to the incline bench, where Isabella loads her up with dumbbells, then holds her big boobs in place for some incline presses. After working up a sweat together, the two lesbians help each other cool off by emptying the contents of their water bottles all over each other's big tits! PussyKat puts her ankles behind her head so Isabella can finger her, then eats the ebony trainer's pussy from behind. Getting their endorphin dose, both ladies giggle after they've finished their sexytime workout! more+
Best gal-pals Carolina Star and Vanessa Decker knew they'd have fun signing up for a group fitness class at the Fitness Rooms, but what they didn't expect was how much Ricky the instructor would turn them on! Before the class even starts, the ladies have made up their mind: today is the day they're going to fuck Ricky! Carolina and Vanessa get in line with the rest of the ladies in the class and go through a stretching routine, never breaking eye-contact with Ricky as they angle their big tits and asses to afford him a sexy view. After the class, the rest of the ladies leave the room, but Carolina and Vanessa stay behind and jump on Ricky, pulling his pants down to give him a tandem blowjob. Turned on, Ricky fucks Carolina while Vanessa rides his face, then fucks Vanessa doggystyle so she can taste Carolina's sweet pussy. The ladies then share a facial, and kiss to celebrate a well-executed plan! more+
Max is in the gym hitting the weights, but Jimena Lago works out for hornier reasons. As Max lifts, Jimena watches him pump from the doorway. The way Max's muscles flex when he lifts makes her pussy sing, so she moves her leotard to the side and starts to play with herself. Really feeling horny, Jimena closes her eyes to imagine herself fucking Max...and opens them to find him staring at her! She's embarrassed, but her anxiety is eased when Max takes her fingers and puts them in his mouth. Max tears the leotard from Jimena, revealing her big tits, then carries her over the bench where he starts to eat her out. Turning her around on the bench, Max spanks Jimena's big ass, then fucks her doggystyle and piledriver until he douses her in cum! more+
The gym is quiet today, but that doesn't stop Jureka Del Mar and Michael from chasing their pump. Jureka works her tricep kickbacks in a hot pink-thonged leotard that makes it rather difficult for Michael to concentrate on his bicep curls. As Jureka counts the seconds in between sets, watching Michael's dumbbell military pressing makes her thirsty, so she decides to cool off by pouring the contents of her water bottle on her perky tits. Abandoning all pretense, the two hardbodies throw away the weights and start to work out with each other instead. Michael helps Jureka with her pectoral soreness by sucking on her nipples, then Jureka works her jaw muscles by giving him a sloppy blowjob. Michael then moves her Jureka's glutes, eating her ass, then sticking his hard cock in. "Best squat ever!" exclaims Jureka, as Michael gives her an anal creampie. more+
It's always exciting to receive a package in the mail, especially one that contains brand new pamphlets! Lady Dee has been expecting a batch of free trial flyers, so upon opening the box on her doorstep, she hurries out towards the city to meet some clients. The first person she comes across is a big titted Asian lesbian named Miyuki Son. Miyuki is hesitant: though a free yoga class sounds great, she has a busy day! With some convincing, however, Lady manages to persuade Miyuki to come to the studio that night. Miyuki shows up in her work-out gear and is stunned to find Dee sitting naked! When it comes time to stretch, Lady Dee can't help herself, plunging tongue first into Miyuki's pussy. The two babes share an intense tribbing session, making out wildly, before bringing each other to orgasm with their freshly worked-out fingers! more+
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