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Today in the Fitness Rooms, Ava Koxxx is here to put Lady Bug through a rigorous workout routine to keep her abs and her booty tight! The first move they perform a few reps of kettlebell squats. Both ladies drop it low, and Ava can't help but stare at Lady Bug's booty. After squats are some kneeling leg raises, and as Lady Bug performs the movements, Ava runs her hands down her body. Both turned on, the ladies kiss, and Ava rubs Lady's pussy before pulling her head into her massive boobs! Both ladies take turns eating each out and making each other cum, and Lady Bug uses her hands to make Ava squirt! more+
Anna Rose and Canela Skin are getting a great workout on the Fitness Rooms, tightening their tummies and building their booties! Starting with the largest muscle group, the ladies grab a couple of kettlebells and hit squats for depth, then pull out a ball to do some ab work. Some barbel squats follow, and Canela's butt gets so pumped that she starts to twerk! Pulling out some water and oil, Anna lubes up Canela's booty and her own tits, then the ladies make out and pleasure each other with fingers and tongues. After some wet tribbing, Canela finishes herself as Anna enjoys! more+
Lana Seymour and Alex are warming up before an intense workout in the Fitness Rooms. First, they warm up their joints, their shoulders, and their necks, before working their booties with squats. Next, Lana performs some incline curls on a bench, and as Alex gets close, her beauty makes him want to kiss her. The pair kiss deeply, and Alex massages Lana's tits, then slides a hand onto her pussy. Alex then eats Lana out, and she returns the favor with a sensual blowjob, and then they pleasure each other in a standing 69. After a bouncy fuck on the trampoline, Alex cums all over her face with a facial! more+
The new Fitness Rooms trainer Dorian Del Isla is in the gym with his wife Cassie, and is demonstrating some excellent workout techniques to up your sex game. First, the trainer tells the student to do some stretching, which is important to physical fitness. Next it's time for a warm up with some boxing and kicking, then some push ups to work the triceps and chest. While Cassie performs slow pushups, Dorian pulls down her shorts, revealing that she is already wet. Dorian fucks Cassie doggystyle on a trampoline, then Cassie deepthroats him in an intense 69. After a hard fuck that leaves them both sweating profusely, Cassie rips her shirt off to expose her tiny tits as Dorian cums on her face! more+
Personal trainer Aubrey Black is putting Luna Corazon and Cassie Del Isla through a grueling workout in the Fitness Rooms. Aubrey makes Luna and Cassie go through a hardcore squatting routine, then gets their blood pumping by making them twerk! Back in the showers, Luna and Cassie laugh at their trainer while getting into the shower. As they dry off, Luna starts to play with Cassie's pussy, then imitate Aubrey's mean demeanor and giant tits. Just as she's being most ridiculous, Aubrey walks in. The ladies put aside their differences and have a sexy threesome with Aubrey in charge. Smacking Luna and Cassie's asses, she eats them both out and makes them cum on her fingers! more+
Fitness instructor Emily Clark is running a class with beautiful lesbians Foxxi Black and Anne Wild. As Emily puts the ladies through a stretching routine, they can't keep their eyes off each other. By the time the workout has progressed to bicep curls, Anne has moved much closer to Foxxi so she can suck her tits! Annoyed, Emily leaves the Fitness Rooms, and with a shrug, Foxxi and Anne start to make out. Foxxi pulls down Anne's shorts and kisses her big booty, then eats her out from behind. Foxxi then sits on Anne's face so she can cum, then the ladies engage in some vigorous tribbing! They might not have gotten in a full workout, but they definitely worked up a sweat! more+
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